JS' Spring 2022 Online Courses are now open for registration!

We’re offering unique LIVE and hybrid online courses starting this coming March 2022! With opportunities to

  • learn Biblical Hebrew LIVE with Israelis (who are Hebrew for the Nations certified instructors),
  • study the Life of Jesus (Yeshua) with a unique emphasis on the Land of Israel and from a team of Israel-based servant scholars
  • tap into the rich treasures of ten veteran ministry workers in the Middle East to learn about the realities, challenges and blessings of ministry in Israel and the Middle East.
Each course will change your life and give tools for a deeper understanding of the Bible and one’s walk with the Lord!

Consider registering for one or more of these exclusive JS courses:

Biblical Hebrew as a Living Language (Level 1)

Instructor: Talia Bar-David
Mon, Thurs 1600 – 1730 IST
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Biblical Hebrew as a Living Language (Level 2)

Instructor: Crystal Rudolph
Mon, Thurs 1600 – 1730 IST
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Faith, Politics and Ministry in the Middle East

Instructor: Dr. Adam Focht
Tuesday 1930 – 2030 IST
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Jewish Life and Literature

Instructor: Elazar Brandt
Tuesday 1700 – 1800 IST
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The Land and Life of Yeshua

Lead by: Dr. Noel Rabinowitz
Wednesday 1600 – 1700 IST
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All courses will take place online during the Spring 2022 semester: 1 March – 31 May, 2022 (Hebrew Classes until 16 June, 2022). Courses start at $350 (audit) and $450 (credit). Consider registering for one of our Course Bundles for more discount. Learn more about our Spring 2022 Online courses

If you’re interested in studying this coming Spring with us, register today! Once your registration application is reviewed and accepted, your registration for your JS Online course/s will be processed and you’ll be on your way to “Explore Together!”

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