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Jerusalem Seminary Press Package

Jerusalem Seminary is one seminary with three schools offering an unparalleled learning experience. Whatever the subject, each course is designed with the belief that the Story of the Bible must never be separated from the Land of the Bible. In order to meet student’s unique needs, Jerusalem Seminary offers traditional, modular and online course models.

The School of the Bible provides educational opportunities beyond the traditional classroom which integrates the Land of the Bible into all aspects of biblical and theological studies.

The School of Graduate Studies will provide unique graduate level courses from Jerusalem.

The School of Hebrewalso known as Hebrew for the Nations, provides a rigorous language focused curriculum. Program options include enabling students to study Hebrew without the requirement to study in Jerusalem, summer short-term Hebrew courses, graduate studies in Hebrew, and Teaching Methodology courses for native Hebrew speakers.

Motivated by the knowledge that the Word of the Lord will go forth from Jerusalem to the Nations, and guided by a commitment to read the New Testament in its first century context, Jerusalem Seminary provides cutting-edge ministry training that stresses the unity of the body of Messiah expressed within the complementary frameworks of a mature Messianic Judaism and a vital Christianity.

Within these frameworks, Jerusalem Seminary explores ancient biblical texts in context in order to engage modern twenty-first century questions. The Jerusalem Seminary learning-model is community oriented, connecting students to students and students to mentors to foster a robust learning experience.

  • Vision: To make biblical education and ministry training in the Land of the Bible essential and transformative


  • Mission: To equip and empower the global community of believers – both Christian and  Messianic,  to understand their faith in and through the Land of the Bible

Jerusalem Seminary would not be the unique institution that it is, without our 3 tier structure of Advisory Council, Core Faculty and Faculty, and our Staff. All are committed to God, community, and JS students. Please take a moment to meet our team.

Our Advisory Council

Our Core Faculty and Faculty

Our Staff

An article covering the 2020 Hebrew for the Nations Teachers graduation in Israel Today Magazine.

An article in IsraelNetz about JS H4N Teachers graduation 2020.

JS had an article published in the Dutch Reformatorisch Dagblad.

Jerusalem Seminary Offers a New Kind of Biblical Training by FIRM.

Please peruse 
recently published press articles.

Watch some student testimonial videos

Beginners Biblical Hebrew – Speaking, Reading and Writing Presented by Crystal Rudolph and H4N Teachers

Good learning experience Fun class. The friendly teachers are genuine Hebrew speakers. They take extra steps to try to teach their students by using songs and even games. They also try to give the students more insights into Israeli culture by sharing some aspects, for example, of the Passover seder, sheaf offerings, and a Jewish perspective on the timeline of history. Lessons are just right, with enough challenges. – Mel Cartera, Phillipines

Wonderful Instructors This course was more challenging than I expected from a beginner’s Hebrew course but the immersion method works and one picks up the language naturally. From only knowing Alef Bet several months ago, I have progressed to writing and conversing in simple biblical Hebrew. – Aaron Lim, Malaysia

Taught in a fun way with such great expertise, it has kindled a love in my heart for Hebrew! Very conversational. The teaching methods were effective. Involved listening, speaking, writing, many fun exercises, dialogues. Plenty of time in class to use what we were learning with each other and with the teachers. Constant gentle correction given. Generous ratio of teachers to students. Plenty of personalized attention. Progressively taught new content. Pace was manageable. – Steve Gallagher, USA

The Gospel of Matthew in its First-Century Jewish Context presented by Dr. Noel Rabinowitz

Gospel of Matthew comes alive in the 21st century The course takes me into the history! Amazing to know that the works of Jesus was tightly connected to the OT prophecies. Dr. Noel’s deep understanding combined with his scholarly passion helped me to embrace the messages of Matthew. One suggestion: one and a half hour lecture feels long for ‘online-zoom’ class. It was more than what I expected and I highly recommend to anyone seeking bible truth. – Ashley Pak, South Korea

This is one of the best courses I have ever done. I’m highly recommending this course. It is amazing to see how deeply rooted Matthew is in First Century Judaism and the Hebrew Bible. But it is not about context only. Seeing Matthew from this perspective, helps to understand Jesus better and explains many difficulties. This course helped me a lot as Pastor and for my personal faith. It is very deep content but delivered in an easy to understand manner. – Christoph Meier-Fürstenwerth, Germany

Incredibly insightful and engaging! This class completely changed my perspective on the Gospel of Matthew in the best of ways! I knew there were references to the Old Testament and different prophecies, but I didn’t realize just how much Israel’s history of sin-exile-restoration was interwoven into this Gospel. This class is incredibly helpful to anyone wanting to understand the true Jewish context of the Gospel of Matthew! – Lillian O’Brien, USA

Baruch Kvasnica, Founder & President Elect
Israel: +972-54-599-6993
USA: +1-585-737-8617

The Jerusalem Seminary
55 HaNevi’im Street
Jerusalem, Israel
Phone: +972-2-5676500

Israel Mailing Address:
P.O.Box 31400
Jerusalem 9131302

USA Mailing Address:
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Phone: +1-503-997-4346

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone going into ministry benefits from spending time studying in the Land of the Bible. But since no seminary exists in Israel for English speakers, Jerusalem Seminary has been created to fill that gap and provide excellent and unique training related to the Land of the Bible and our Hebraic Heritage.

Jerusalem Seminary is located in the heart of Jerusalem! You can find us at 55 HaNevi’im (Prophets) Street just a stone’s throw away from the famed Jaffa and Ben Yehuda Streets and a 10 minute walk to the Old City. But our courses are also readily available online!

As of August 2022, we have had the following numbers of students:
90 students that have completed our Hebrew Teacher’s course,
57 students abroad in 2 Hebrew intensive courses in Togo and 1 in Nigeria,
76 students that have completed online Biblical Hebrew courses, and
55 students that have completed School of the Bible courses.

This gives us a total of 278 students in our courses in our short history.

The School of the Bible, inaugurated in September 2021, offers courses at an academic level corresponding to undergraduate Bible College level courses and for personal enrichment. The School of Graduate Studies, to be inaugurated at a Convocation and Dedication ceremony in September 2024, will offer courses at an academic level corresponding to degrees typically offered in seminaries, such as an M.Div. Some courses will be offered for both Schools, but with differing requirements.

Overall, yes. JS’ School of Hebrew name helps articulate the academic and seminary studies side, while Hebrew for the Nations (H4N) is a more Israeli and overseas focused articulation of the same vision – to provide immersive Biblical Hebrew learning for Bible translators, Hebrew teachers, and seminarians. Hebrew for the Nations’ first teachers course was born out of the Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators and began in January 2018 under JBSS, that is, Jerusalem Biblical Studies Society: Friends of Jerusalem Seminary. From 2019 onward it has functioned as a program of Jerusalem Seminary, as one of it’s three departments or schools; thus one seminary, three schools.

Jerusalem Seminary (JS) courses are engagingly academic and taught by experts in their field living in Israel. While JS’ courses are not externally accredited, they can be taken for internal JS credit. Any internal JS credit will accrue and at a later time would hopefully, through articulation agreements and accreditation bodies, receive official accreditation; a process that JS is beginning.

The administration and core faculty of Jerusalem Seminary have a vibrant faith that focuses on the centrality of the Messiah, the authority of the Bible, and the walk of faith. If you’d like to know more about our faith and values, please read more here.

School of the Bible courses are open to all believers in Yeshua (Jesus) who want to deepen their faith and understanding of the Bible and its context. Currently, these courses are online, making them easily accessible. The School of Graduate Studies and School of Hebrew courses (unless simultaneously offered through the School of the Bible) are reserved for students that meet certain academic qualifications.

Currently all applications to study at Jerusalem Seminary are through the School of Bible or the School of Hebrew. Applications are filled out simultaneously with registering for our online courses through the JS Course Catalogue.

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