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What some students have said about Jerusalem Seminary and our courses….
Consider joining students like these in exploring the world of of the Bible with our current courses!.
Will O’Brien, Roanoke, VA, USA
“Personally, I would say the courses have been impactful because it helped me make sense as a Christian of where my worship service has come from.”
Nicole Yoder, Jerusalem, Israel
“It’s been a very, very, very enriching experience.
I encourage you to be the next one to sign up.”

Rick Kent, Le Roy, NY, USA
“The course pushed my understanding of the Gospel of Matthew…
It exposed some of the things that I took for granted or didn’t know and helped me understand the Jewish context of what Matthew wrote.”

John Rogers, Crestview, Florida, USA
“I wasn’t sure if what I was going to learn was going to be redundant. A revelation for me was how Israel tied into the Messiah and her redemptive history. I now understand how the Jewish people have been persecuted by supercessionism.”
Lacey Phillips, Forsyth, IL, USA
“I thought that there wasn’t a lot in the Bible about how we should be worshipping. I don’t think that anymore and I discovered that there are “right ways” to worship God.”
Christoph Meier-Fürstenwerth, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
“If you are looking for in-depth teachings why Israel is so important for us Christians then you are in the right place. Hope to see you soon at Jerusalem Seminary.”

Elliot, Fort Myers, FL, USA
“The class Faith, Politics and Ministry in the Middle East, was very accessible for me. I haven’t been to seminary and I am not a super academic sort…
The course was very practical in helping me sort through different issues some that we never even pondered.”

Kristie, Roanoke, Virginia, USA
“The Faith, Politics and Ministry in the Middle East class has been like no other that I have ever had. Each of the presenters gave a “boots on the ground” experience that I have never heard before. The blessings and the problems that they encountered as well as tips were invaluable to me. No other school provides anything like this!”

Cristian Marchidan, Pratovecchio-Stia, Italy
“The course [Matthew by Dr. Rabinowitz] was a very good level of teaching and I learned a lot. I always looked forward to the next lesson. The course was well structured and I could study according to my own schedule.”

George Madison, Washington, DC, USA
“We entered into Jerusalem Seminary because it is new and fresh. We though that this would be a great way to connect with the Life and Land of Yeshua. This course was perfect!”

Curtis Whittaker, Gary, IN, USA
“For me it was new and also exciting to learn more about Yeshua/Jesus and the places that he traveled to and what was happening in those places. This course really helped me to have a better understanding of the Bible and the Gospels. I recommend Jerusalem Seminary for all who want to dive deeper and to learn more.”

Mike Kuhlkin, Perry, NY, USA
“My experience with the Life and Land of Yeshua class, and with Jerusalem Seminary, has just been astounding! Probably the greatest thing that I have pulled from this course is the realization of just how Jewish Jesus was.”

“In this course with this “living method” we’ve used has really helped me to actually remember what I learned. And now I can read and really understand without using the gloss[ary] as much as I used to.”

“I wanted a way to be disciplined studying Hebrew and reviving my Hebrew skills and this class has been perfect for that. I’ve loved the “living method” because when I studied this in seminary it was all about writing and memorizing rules. Learning to actually speak it and to do conversation I’ve enjoyed it much more.”

Mark Richard, Solon, OH, USA
“I have found a real joy in the studies and in being able to understand the language of the Bible and of the Patriarchs. While I have nowhere near the Hebrew mastery that I would like to have, just having the ability to read and to understand many of the words has allowed me to see the scriptures through a new lens.”

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