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John Momoh
Posted 11 months ago
Studying Hebrew as a Living language is not easy, but well worth the effort in so many ways!

I enjoyed so much the interactive approach that has been adopted to teach Biblical Hebrew as a Living language. It has a great impact in helping the students able to remember vocabulary easily since it is given a context in their minds already and it is easy to form the link between the actions and the sounds; It is fast and with little effort and concentration easy to grasp.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!

Biblical Hebrew as a Living Language (Level 2)

Speaking, Reading and Visualizing

SH BHLL 102 – 4 Credits*

After having built a foundation in Biblical Hebrew and started engaging the Bible, we now can not only continue to internalize Biblical Hebrew but start visualizing the context of the Bible.

This course builds upon the Biblical Hebrew as a Living Language (level 1) course and takes the student further into building their knowledge of the language: expanding their grasp of the language and their ability to dive into the Hebrew scriptures.

If you have previously studied Biblical Hebrew elsewhere you are welcome to take a placement test to see which level fits you best.

Using the unique and cutting edge immersion method for Biblical Hebrew instruction, this course will sharpen and greatly expand the student’s ability to engage with the original Hebrew texts of the Bible. Taught by native Hebrew speaking Israelis that have graduated from Jerusalem Seminary’s School of Hebrew: Hebrew for the Nations teacher’s course, students will receive an holistic method, exposing them to language and culture simultaneously. These methods dramatically improve flow in the reading and translation of Biblical Hebrew.

* Due to the nature of our immersive Hebrew courses, comprising of multiple instructors, live instruction and student exercises, this course is only available for credit. There is no option to only audit this course.

Course Prerequisites: Either completion of the Biblical Hebrew as a Living Language (Level 1) course or a passing grade in an internal Biblical Hebrew placement test.

Course Instructors: Two certified JS School of Hebrew: Hebrew for the Nations Israeli teachers.

Class Times: The course meets live for two one and a half hour sessions each week (on Mondays and Thursdays) for a total of 30 sessions, starting March 7th 2022 through June 27th 2022. The sessions will be recorded and made available in the days following the classes for those who cannot make the live sessions.
• Mondays & Thursdays: 9:00-10:30 AM Eastern Time (4:00-5:30 PM Jerusalem Time)

Course description: This Biblical Hebrew class is immersive and contextual: serious about learning the language but in an enjoyable way. Learn to speak, read and write Biblical Hebrew!  Key passages and stories from the Hebrew Bible will be our guide.

Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

  • Recognize and use more vocabulary in the Hebrew Bible in various contexts and forms.
  • Identify basic linguistic structures, including noun and adjective endings, verb roots, conjugations, and parts of speech.
  • Communicate simple thoughts and ideas, describe scenes, tell simple stories, and ask comprehension questions, all in basic spoken Biblical Hebrew.
  • Engage with the Tanakh – read stories and passages from the Hebrew bible, and know basic key terms in Biblical Hebrew.
  • Recite several verses from the Hebrew Bible from memory (e.g. Psalm 1) and know a few common Hebrew blessings.
  • Know Hebrew songs based on Biblical Hebrew.
  • Know (in Hebrew!) basic regions, cities, and land features of the Hebrew Bible that provide crucial tacit information for the reader of the Tanakh.

Requirements: Attendance of the course sessions and timely completion of assignments and quizzes.

Overview Syllabus – Biblical Hebrew as a Living Language (Level 2)

Please Note: The Topics below may be presented in a different order, or changed according to the discretion of the course staff.

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*Jerusalem Seminary (JS) courses are engagingly academic and taught by experts in their field living in Israel. While JS’ courses are not externally accredited, they can be taken for internal JS credit. Any internal JS credit will accrue and at a later time would hopefully, through articulation agreements and accreditation bodies, receive official accreditation; a process that JS is beginning.

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