Short Term Courses

JS Short Term Courses

JS offers several short-term courses that are academically rigorous and spiritually life-giving. They focus on Jesus (Yeshua), the Land of the Bible, and early Christianity and Judaism by experiencing the archaeology, geography, storied-history and the peoples of this Land. This contextual understanding can impact theology, ministry and everyday living. With Bible in hand, trips to Biblical sites are experienced with an eye toward tapping into these contexts for transformative learning. Each short-term course can be tailor made and typically includes both lectures and field trips throughout the Land.
We believe everyone going into ministry will benefit from studying in the Land of the Bible with a Jerusalem Seminary perspective. This perspective is Bible-based, Jesus-centered, Spirit-empowered, and Hebraic-oriented. Training like this is essential for rooting one’s faith in the Land and context which often leads to a more enriched and vibrant walk of faith.

For more information on upcoming courses and registering for any Short Term Course, please check out our Course Catalog here.

* Course Fees are given in good faith but are subject to change based upon size of the student group, taxes, future exchange rates and service fees.

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