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Noel Rabinowitz

Associate Professor of New Testament Studies

Dr. Noel Rabinowitz

Associate Professor of New Testament Studies

Ph.D., Southern Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky;
Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary;
B.A., Moody Bible Institute.

Noel served as Associate Professor of New Testament Studies at The King’s College in New York City for ten years.
When not teaching or writing, Noel loves to spend time with his talented wife. He is a baseball fan, a student of military history and enjoys watching classic movies and Westerns.


  • Rabinowitz, N., “Matthew” Co-Translator; “Jacob (James),” Translator, in Tree of Life Version of the Holy Scriptures (Messianic Jewish Family Bible Society, 2011 and Baker, 2017).
  • Rabinowitz, N., “Israel, Ethics and Eschatology: A Response to Michael Rydelnik’s Paper ‘Is the Modern State of Israel a Fulfillment of Prophecy?’” in The Borough Park Papers Symposium IV: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (2014).
  • Rabinowitz, N., “Matthew’s Genealogy: A Paradigm for Israel’s Restoration,” Kesher 20 (2006): 84-122.
  • Rabinowitz, N., “Matt 23:2-4: Does Jesus Recognize the Authority of the Pharisees and Does He Endorse Their Halakah?” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 46 (2003): 423-47.
  • Rabinowitz, N., Review Article:  “Mark Adam Elliott’s ‘The Survivors of Israel: A Reconsideration of the Theology of Pre-Christian Judaism,’” Kesher 14 (2002): 112-30.
  • Rabinowitz, N., “Yes, the Torah is Fulfilled, But What Does That Mean?: An Exegetical Exposition,” Kesher 11 (2000): 19-44.
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