Jerusalem Seminary’s Statement of Faith

Jerusalem Seminary is a member of the Evangelical Alliance in Israel, itself a member of the World Evangelical Alliance. We affirm their statement of faith as well as the statements of faith of leading Messianic Jewish organizations: the MJAA and the UMJC. The board of directors, administration and core faculty of Jerusalem Seminary have a vibrant faith that focuses on the centrality of the Messiah, the authority of the Bible, and the walk of faith. We are passionate about fulfilling our educational mission within the framework of Christian and Messianic Jewish belief and practice.

With these beliefs and our unique vision and mission, Jerusalem Seminary is well positioned to serve a variety of Christian and Messianic Jewish schools and students from various denominational and non-denominational backgrounds. At the same time, we recognize that our associated schools articulate their own statements of faith which are appropriate to the character and tradition of each school, and that these statements may vary in part from that of Jerusalem Seminary.

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