About Jerusalem Seminary

Jerusalem Seminary is one seminary with three schools offering an unparalleled learning experience. Whatever the subject, each course is designed with the belief that the Story of the Bible must never be separated from the Land of the Bible.

In order to meet your unique needs, Jerusalem Seminary offers traditional, modular and online course models.
The School of the Bible provides educational opportunities beyond the traditional classroom which integrates the Land of the Bible into all aspects of biblical and theological studies. Program options include:
  1. A 10-week online semester for students wishing to take any stand alone course.
  2. A 10-week online semester for students wishing to earn a certificate in one of the following: – The Hebrew BibleThe Geography, Flora and Fauna of the Land of IsraelThe Jewish Context of the New Testament
  3. A 12-day study tour in the Land of Israel for students wishing to earn a Certificate in “The Land of the Bible” Studies.
The School of Graduate Studies provides unique graduate level courses from Jerusalem. Program options include:
  1. A traditional 12-week semester for students wishing to spend a complete semester studying in the Land.
  2. A modular short-term course  (2-4 weeks) that enables students to combine an intensive period of studies in the Land with independent or online course preparation work.
  3. A 14-week online semester that enables students to complete all course work without the requirement to study in Jerusalem.
The School of Hebrew, also known as Hebrew for the Nations, provides a rigorous language focused curriculum. Program options include enabling students to study Hebrew without the requirement to study in Jerusalem, summer short-term courses in the Land, graduate studies in Hebrew and Hebrew and Teaching Methodology courses for native Hebrew speakers.

You can read Jerusalem Seminary’s Statement of Faith here.

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