Togo Bound! - JS’ School of Hebrew Togo Update August 2020

We at Hebrew for the Nations are thrilled to announce the first fruits of our 2020 Biblical Hebrew Instructor’s Course. This fruit is taking on the sweet taste of two recent graduates going out from Jerusalem to Togo to teach an intensive Biblical Hebrew course throughout the month of September, Ayala and Nathanael! The sweetness of this opportunity for Ayala and Nathanael to go to Togo is magnified by the bitterness we faced needing to cancel two other planned international courses to Mexico and Nigeria due to the global pandemic we have all come to share.

We are praising Yeshua that the borders to Togo are open and our new instructors are able to move forward with this important work. Nathanael and Ayala will be flying out next week! We know that both the expectant students in Togo, as well as our newly qualified teachers, will blossom linguistically much more effectively in person rather than through online instruction. At least fourteen students (17+ if adjacent borders open, please pray!) will begin to learn and communicate exclusively in Biblical Hebrew for this three and a half week course aimed at empowering Bible translators, Hebrew teachers and seminarians. Our prayer is that not only will their skills in the language be strengthened, but that it will also flow within and out of them and help them to see the Bible through more contextual eyes.

While we are thankful for the open path to Togo, we are continuing to pray that neighboring countries will likewise open their borders and allow more translators to join the course. Thank you for taking the time to read this and we treasure any prayers towards this H4N course and the journeys and instruction of Nathanael and Ayala. Peace to all and thank you for sharing in our joy as we witness our King carry out good work through His people!

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