Midway Through the Biblical Hebrew Course in Togo

What is it like to attend a fellowship in the capital of Togo during a global pandemic? Our two amazing Biblical Hebrew teachers, Natanael and Ayala, are about to experience this for the second time as they come to the close of their second week teaching an intensive Biblical Hebrew course in that very city: Lomé, Togo. The government in Togo has allowed only a few congregations to open up and they are taking it very seriously. From handwashing stations, to true two meter apart seating, worshipers in Togo are blessed to be back at it, and determined to set an example so churches all over Togo can reopen. 

During the week Natanael and Ayala are busy speaking Biblical Hebrew! As native Israelis who have completed the Hebrew for the Nations instructor’s course they came equipped with impressive skills in speaking the language of the Bible and the usual English skills acquired by many Israelis. However, in Togo the students speak a range of local languages and learn French, not English, as an International language. Biblical Hebrew is therefore the common language and the students are only in the beginning stages of really speaking the language. This unique situation has provided the course in Togo with a challenging, yet rich environment for truly pursuing the immersion method in instruction of Biblical Hebrew. By the beginning of week two our Hebrew for the Nations teachers were reporting that they had already reached a language threshold where they felt they could speak relatively freely and see that the students were really understanding. We can only imagine what it must be like to sit in that room with two Israelis speaking the language of King David to a class full of West African students, and hearing the students reply in turn! Praise God for His love for the entire world, where Israelis take the time to train African students in the Bible’s original Hebrew!

In other exciting news we have seen the body in Israel come together to provide 18 leather-bound Bibles in side-by-side Hebrew and French that travelled through the sky with Natanel and Ayala. The students were very blessed to receive the bibles and they have been a great educational asset during the ongoing course. This gift is one that will stay with the students and continue blessing them and encouraging them in their language efforts long after our course has come to a close. We ask for continued prayer for endurance and wisdom for our teachers and the students as they forge forward into week three of instruction and plant seeds to be reaped in the Kingdom of our God and King by endeavouring to bring the Word as accurately and speedily as possible to all who would hear.

Jerusalem Seminary would like to thank Kehila News for sharing and rejoicing with us concerning the latest update regarding our Bible Translators Biblical Hebrew course from Togo.


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