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Best Course Ever Taken! I have bachelor and masters degrees. I have also taken other seminary courses. This [Israel Matters: A Theology of Israel] beats them all.” – John Rogers, Florida, USA

Wonderful Instructors – This Hebrew course was more challenging than I expected from a beginner’s Hebrew course but the immersion method works and one picks up the language naturally. From only knowing the Alef-Bet several months ago, I have progressed to writing and conversing in simple biblical Hebrew.” – Aaron Lim, Malaysia

Great Context for Any Christian! This [Early Christian Worship] course was exactly what I needed as a staff member at my church. The things I learned will help me lead my team and my ministry!” – Will O’Brien, Worship Pastor, USA

This is one of the best courses I have ever taken. This [Matthew] course helped me a lot as Pastor and for my personal faith.” – Christoph MF, Pastor, Germany

Hebrew taught in a fun way with such great expertise, it has kindled a love in my heart for Hebrew! Very conversational. The teaching methods were effective. Involved listening, speaking, writing, many fun exercises, dialogues. Plenty of time in class to use what we were learning with each other and with the teachers.” – Steve Gallagher, Bible Translation Consultant

This course gave me a broader view of the Church and a deeper understanding of God’s appointed times for His followers. The content of the lectures was great–helpful for my ministry and personal growth.” – Lacey Phillips, Worship Team Leader, USA

JS’ Gospel of Matthew course comes alive in the 21st century – The course takes me into the history! It was more than what I expected and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking bible truth.” – Ashley Pack, South Korea

Most anyone can learn Hebrew! Great [Hebrew 101] class! Give it a try! I did and finished!!” – Penny Rader, USA

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