Jerusalem Seminary in the News!

The eye that sees beautiful things, brings joy to the heart, and good news refreshes the bones” Proverbs 15:30

We rejoice that the recent JS School of the Bible Inauguration was covered by a number of news agencies. Most notably by The Media Line: Trusted Mideast News and CTS News, a Korean Christian news agency.

The Media Line coverage contains a written article and video reporting that includes interviews by JS President elect, Baruch Brian Kvasnica, and Barry Segal, as well as footage from the event of JS instructor and advisory council member, Dr. Gerald McDermott. Click here to read and watch The Media Line’s coverage of the JS event.

Baruch Kvasnica being interviewed by The Media Line

The coverage from CTS News, while in Korean, features English interviews of JS School of Hebrew instructor, Crystal Rudolph, JS student, Dave Wang, and with Baruch Kvasnica. Check out these great interviews on CTS News here!

JS School of Hebrew instructor, Crystal Rudolph, being interviewed by CTS

Indeed, “good news refreshes the bones” (Proverbs 15:30). Thanks be to God!

Did you miss the School of the Bible Inauguration event? Watch it here – now with “chapters” to easily skip around!

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