Fall 2021 Inaugural School of the Bible Online Classes - Live From Israel

Our Israeli teachers from the School of the Bible: Hebrew for the Nations are busy all around the world this summer training Bible translators, translation consultants, pastors, and seminarians in Living Biblical Hebrew. Five teachers and one supporting staff member, including one newly graduated teacher, flew out of Ben Gurion a number of weeks ago! Here is a summary of each of the courses statuses:

Two returning teachers and one new teacher finished an intensive course this past week in Lomé, Togo. This year two courses were taught with a second level course for continuing students from last summer. It is exciting to see Bible translation develop in West Africa and watch our teachers rise up to meet the need for Biblical Hebrew instruction.

Two more of our teachers are in the third week of a three week intensive course for Bible translation consultants in Michigan with Bibles International. These students have been studying online with a number of our teachers weekly for a year and are able to work through David and Goliath, Psalm 23, and even Isaiah 40. They all have a background in classical Biblical Hebrew and are enjoying being pushed to produce and interact with the language, in a living way, to better support their work with translation projects all over the world. 

In cooperation with the Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators two more of our Israeli Hebrew teachers have been contributing to an intensive month-long course for Bible translation consultants online. These consultants have worked on New Testament projects in Greek and are now shifting their efforts towards the Hebrew Scriptures and Biblical Hebrew.

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