JS’ School of the Bible and School of Hebrew
Pilot Online Semester March - June 2021

We are so excited and thankful to God to be able to offer four dynamic online courses starting in March 2021! Registration will be starting in early January. Our fantastic, qualified, Israel based, instructors are working hard to bring you these life-changing bachelor-degree level courses for personal enrichment. These courses aren’t accredited yet, but they are a big step in that direction! We hope to partner soon with other institutions around the world through study abroad and other collaborative efforts to bring you accredited courses, but for now savor this early opportunity to broaden your understanding of the land and culture of the Bible through these online courses taught from Israel!
Beginning Spoken Biblical Hebrew (60 Hours and 4 Credits)
Using the unique and cutting edge immersion method for Biblical Hebrew instruction, this course provides a solid foundation for Biblical Hebrew studies. This course is taught by native Hebrew speakers that have graduated from Jerusalem Seminary’s School of Hebrew: Hebrew for the Nations Teacher’s Course. The course is suitable for absolute beginners (willing to work hard) as well as beginning traditionally trained students looking to internalize Biblical Hebrew for improved reading and writing skills.

Nature and Landscape in the Bible (30 Hours and 2 Credits) In this course students will survey and engage the many, and often unfamiliar, plants, trees, and wildlife mentioned in the Hebrew scriptures. The biblical agricultural world reveals many surprising and significant faith lessons and this class supplies the requisite agricultural and zoological context. Students will greatly expand their knowledge of the ecological world of the Bible during this course and gain a fuller understanding of God’s Word.
The Gospel of Matthew in its First Century Jewish Context (30 Hours and 2 Credits)
Jesus was given to the world as a Jewish man who was raised in and lived in the Promised Land. In this course the historical, cultural, geographical and theological setting of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew is explored with a special emphasis on the reversal of the Curse of Exile and the Restoration of Israel. Students will learn to read the Gospel anew through the perspective of a first century lens, deepening and expanding their understanding of Jesus and His Jewish world.
Hebraic Roots of Early Christian Music and Prayer (30 Hours and 2 Credits)
Ancient Biblical and Jewish worship and prayer serve as great windows into the theology and practices of ancient Israel and early Judaism. In this course we will unpack what is known of first-century Jewish Temple and synagogue music and liturgy, and trace it forward to the earliest prayers and orders of worship of the Christian Church. Students will gain tools to identify the inheritance of temple and ancient synagogue worship still identifiable today in many modern expressions of Christian and Messianic Jewish worship.

We hope you can join us in studying with Jerusalem Seminary this spring!  For more info contact us at See you in January for registration!

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  1. Greetings. I am interested in the music and prayer cohort. Can you assist me in obtaining all important information? Many thanks!!

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