Welcome To Jerusalem Seminary

Welcome to Jerusalem Seminary!

Shalom from Jerusalem and thank you for visiting our Jerusalem Seminary website and exploring our burgeoning community of faith and learning based in Jerusalem! We promise that if you can come with us to the Land – our classroom, or allow the Land to come to you through our open online courses. Your life will be changed.

My first experience in Jerusalem bowled me over. It was the summer of 1994 and I was amazed at how much one could learn in such a short time. Deferring a full-ride at seminary, I pursued an MA at Hebrew University to study early Christianity and Judaism in Jerusalem, where it all began.

Ever since coming to Jerusalem, I’ve had a profound concern that ministry training for a variety of callings – and specifically an M.Div – was not available for Protestants or Messianic Jews in English in Jerusalem. This has changed with the establishment and vision of Jerusalem Seminary! We pray that Jerusalem Seminary will always be a real community of learning that prepares students academically and forms them spiritually to serve the Body of Messiah worldwide. At Jerusalem Seminary we have a unique synthesis of Bible-based teaching – rooted in the Land, that is Jesus-centered, Spirit-empowered and Hebraic-oriented.

As an academic institution that fosters discipleship in a real-world setting, Jerusalem Seminary engages both international scholars and local spiritual leaders to study the biblical text and sharpen our understanding of faith and a biblical worldview. Our goal is to be prepared both academically and spiritually to engage the Ivory Tower as well as everyday life.

We learn best together, not alone. While studying physically in Jerusalem, community-based learning is more easily experienced, but even Jerusalem Seminary’s online program will pair campus academic mentors in Jerusalem with students worldwide who are also intimately connected with their own local mentors and community. The academic mentor, local mentor, and the student together create a three-stranded cord which “is not quickly broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:12) This communal learning cord thereby empowers more effective academic training, spiritual formation, accountability and fellowship.

Whenever someone comes to the Land of the Bible with an open heart and mind, they grow in ways that vastly deepen their spiritual and academic life. We know God differently after visiting Jerusalem as Psalm 76 says, “In Judah God is known…He dwells in Zion.” Twenty five years later, it’s still true for me today: that if my head and heart are open, I’ll never stop learning and growing here in the Land of the Bible. We desire this transformative and empowering experience for anyone going into ministry or wanting to be academically and spiritually rejuvenated.

We pray that you may be able to join us in experiencing, or partner in providing, this life-changing ministry training here at Jerusalem Seminary, that is “sown in the Land and harvested among the nations.”

Next Year in Jerusalem!
Blessings and shalom!
Brian (Baruch) Kvasnica

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