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Baruch Brian Kvasnica

Founder, President Elect and Associate Professor of Bible

Baruch Brian Kvasnica

Founder, Director and Associate Professor of Bible

Ph.D. (ABD), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
M.A., The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
B.A. Houghton College, New York.

Since the age of 16, Baruch has felt called to discipleship and living out the Good News in community and faith.  More recently, after fifteen years of teaching with the Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators and founding the Jerusalem Biblical Studies Society in 2006, Baruch rejoices with God’s work in establishing Jerusalem Seminary. He has a passion for transformative theological and experiential education in the Land of the Bible.

He loves to bring people together and allow the Bible to come alive through engagement with the context of the Bible.  For many summers he has taught Biblical Hebrew with the Biblical Language Center and has led dozens of Biblical study-tour groups throughout Israel, Jordan, Greece, Turkey, Germany and the UK.

As a youth he spent two years in the Philippines and graduated from high school in Papua New Guinea where his parents were Wycliffe personnel.  He served as pastor of a country church in upstate NY before moving to Jerusalem in 1995 where he was part of the leadership team at Narkis Street Congregation for about 15 years.  It was in Jerusalem he met his wife Shoshanna and they have seven children. When not writing, teaching, or spending time with his wonderful wife and seven children, Baruch loves reading, basketball and with God’s help, trying to create community.


  • Kvasnica, B., “Shifts in Israelite War Ethics and Early Jewish Historiography of Plundering” in Writing and Reading War: Rhetoric, Gender, and Ethics in Biblical and Modern Contexts, ed. B. Kelle and F. Ames (Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2008): 175-196.
  • Buth, R. and B. Kvasnica, “Temple Authorities and Tithe-Evasion: The Linguistic Background and Impact of the Parable of the Vineyard Tenants and the Son,” in Jesus’ Last Week: Jerusalem Studies on the Synoptic Gospels, Volume 1, ed. R. S. Notley et al. (Leiden: Brill, 2006): pages 53-80,  259-317.
  • Kvasnica, B., “New Testament Texts in Light of Contemporary Halachic Disputes: Two Test Cases in The Vineyard Tenants and Son and the Temple Demonstration,” M.A. Thesis, Rothberg International School and the Department of Comparative Religion, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2003.
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