Biblical Hebrew Reading Groups and Tutoring

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Biblical Hebrew Reading Groups and Tutoring

Do you want to maintain your skills in Biblical Hebrew using our conversational method? We now offer two ways to encourage you to use your Hebrew and keep it sharp. These are online, in-person experiences to help you grow.

Reading Groups: What better way to stay sharp than to read and discuss a Hebrew Scripture passage in a small group, together with one of our Israeli certified teachers? We limit group sizes to between four and six participants, along with our teacher, so everyone can participate.
Individual Tutoring: If you feel you need individualized review and practice for your Biblical Hebrew, this option is the right one for you. You will be paired with one of our Israeli certified Biblical Hebrew teachers who can help you focus on your specific areas of need.

In both cases, the groups and tutoring last for 8 sessions with one hour each week of online time.

Price: We offer three price levels for this program.
  • Bring-your-own-group for $500. Can you put together a group of 4-6 friends including yourself? Sign up and pay us the fee for the group, and we’ll follow up with you on the details and to schedule a time to get started.
  • Join a new group for $200. If you want to join a group but need our help, choose this option. The start date will depend on how many people sign up and we’ll keep in touch as the group is forming. Group size will still be limited to four to six participants with one teacher.
  • Individual tutoring for $400. If you prefer individual tutoring with one of our certified teachers, choose this option. Our team will follow up with you to find a time and you can start when you are ready.

Please note: If you have a limited or no Biblical Hebrew background and want to learn the language, we recommend that you sign up for our Biblical Hebrew as a Living Language Course 101. If you have any questions, please email us!

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