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Hebrew for the Nations : Sown in the Land, Harvested Among the Nations

At the School of Hebrew (SOH) students study and learn the language of the Hebrew scriptures as a living language through a unique immersion based approach. Learn to communicate with your fellow students and instructors in the footsteps of David and Hezekiah. Acquire the language as naturally as a child would and enter deeply into the historical, cultural and geographical world of the Hebrew Bible!

SOH instructors have successfully graduated from a six month “Biblical Hebrew and Teaching Methodology” course for native Hebrew speakers which certifies graduates as Hebrew for the Nations instructors.

Our instructors not only teach in our School of Hebrew programs, but also go out to the nations and teach short intensive courses for Bible translators, seminarians, and pastors in their local contexts. If you would like to have the School of Hebrew: Hebrew for the Nations come to your Bible translation training center or seminary or teach a class online, please contact us for more information.

Through our stand alone academic program, the language of the Bible will begin to flow in and out of participants, illuminating the biblical text not just accurately, but in the fuller context of culture, mindset, and geography. Our courses provide students academic tools, alongside a natural feel for the text, that equip graduates to engage with the Hebrew scriptures more confidently, efficiently and accurately for the purposes of translation, edification, and all levels of study.

Hebrew for the Nations has developed the following course models:

  1. Online Courses: Presented by Hebrew for the Nations certified instructors. 60 academic hours. For more information and to enroll. The Beginner level course, or a placement test are a prerequisite for other courses. These courses are open to all.

  2. Intensive Hebrew in its context:Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators 4-week intensive course, for Bible translation consultants wishing to complete an intensive period studying the Hebrew language in the land with Hebrew for the Nations certified instructors. The course includes study-tours in communicative biblical Hebrew throughout the Land of the Bible. 120 academic hours.

  3. Modular Online Course: A multi-week online course with flexible hours: between two to five hours per week. Additionally, this course (tailored for organizations and schools) offers a flexible number of weeks: for example, 10 – 40 weeks that could be prior to or post our “International One Month Intensive Course Among the Nations”. Another option would be for this to function as a refresher course independent of other Hebrew for the Nations Hebrew courses. Variable academic hours: 20 – 120.

  4. International One Month Intensive Course Among the Nations: An intensive course outside of Israel is offered in conjunction with associated schools or training centers in communicative Biblical Hebrew. This course is geared for Bible translators, consultants and seminarians to significantly increase the level of biblical Hebrew fluency in a concentrated time. Typical offering: 6 hours a day, 5 days a week for 3 – 4 weeks for 90 – 120 academic hours.

For more information on any of the School of Hebrew courses, please contact us.

If you are interested in conversational modern Hebrew, contact info@jerusalemseminary.org

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