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Modern Hebrew Cohort Tutoring

Modern Hebrew Cohort Tutoring

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Total cost of 8 weeks of Modern Hebrew Cohort Tutoring is $400

Background Information

1. Are you part of any organization, if any?
4. How often do you engage with Modern Hebrew?
5. Does your work involve Modern Hebrew?
6. How often do you read the Hebrew scriptures?
7. How often do you listen to the Hebrew scriptures?
8. Do you use any other resources (books, websites, YouTube channels, study group, etc.) to engage/practice/learn Modern Hebrew?
9. How often do you engage with these resources?

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Terms & Conditions

By taking this course you agree that:

  • this course may be recorded and may appear in a public forum in order to promote the JS vision of ministry training from Jerusalem.
  • the material provided in Jerusalem Seminary courses will be for my use only and I will not copy, transfer or supply the material to any third party.

* For any special concerns please be in contact with the Jerusalem Seminary administration.

Jerusalem Seminary admits students without regard to race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin, disability, age, or veteran status with respect for personal dignity.

Upon submission you will be contacted by our Hebrew Tuition Coordinator to schedule your lessons with a tutor.

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