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john farwell

John Farwell

M.A. Biblical Geography and History, Jerusalem University College
M.A. Middle Eastern Studies, American Insitute of Holy Land Studies
B.A. Liberal Arts (Communicatons), Purdue University 


John began his professional life as a college basketball coach.  After graduating from Purdue University, spending four years working for Hall of Fame head coach Gene Keady, he began his coaching career at Fresno State University. Coaching stops later would include Yale University as well as the University of Southern California.

John’s extensive time of study and travel in the Land of the Bible has transformed his perspective and context to both his understanding and his teaching. Leading numerous study trips, John has a passion for sharing the context of the land allowing it to transform his students’ understanding of God’s word. 

A teacher, coach, public speaker and soon to be author, he has led more than 50 groups through his discipleship curriculum in the land.

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