Lifestyle Commitment

While Jerusalem Seminary recognizes the freedom of each student to develop under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, students at the Seminary will be considered as leaders in their Messianic and Christian communities. Therefore, certain standards of conduct and appearance are to guide the student body (Deut 5:1-21; 22:5; Eph 5:1-5; Phil 1:27). Any kind of substance abuse, be it drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc. or the use of drugs and the inappropriate use of alcohol are not considered suitable for the Seminary faculty, staff and students.

As representatives of the Messiah, Jerusalem Seminary students are responsible to demonstrate a lifestyle consistent with His character and are expected to be people of high moral character, consistent with the standards of Scripture. This includes abstaining from premarital and extramarital sexual relations, engaging in homosexual conduct, as well as having zero-tolerance of sexual-misconduct in general. As examples of Godly living, gossip and slander are clearly marked out as forbidden (Lev 19:19; Eph 4:29-31) and as followers of the Messiah we are committed to healthy relationships (Lev 19:18; Mat 18:15-17), building up others and engaging in life-giving communication (Rom 15:2). We are committed to allowing God to work not only on our behavior, but also on our hearts (Deut 6:4-9; Mark 7:20-22).

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